Production and process


Mastery of the production cycle

To provide the highest quality to consumers, Medifel is committed to controlling all stages of production – from the choice of corn seeds and tree planting, to processing and harvesting. Thanks to this integrated approach, production is exclusively managed by our company. 

A unique process: Controlled cold storage

Our crops are rigorously quality-controlled throughout all stages of productions, respecting natural cycles and the needs of clients and consumers. We ensure the maintenance of the supply chain, proper cold storage from production to delivery, and the freshness and taste of our products from the moment they are harvested.

Constant volumes 

Anticipating your needs and listening to your demands are the watchwords of Medifel. A flexible business partner, we are ready to respond to your requirements at the shortest notice, giving you a business relationship in which you can have confidence. 

Medifel assures you constant supplies and unique ‘savoir-faire’ all year round.