Quality requirements

Medifel’s top priorities are food safety, and constant and optimal production quality.  From seed to delivery, from delivery chain to table, vigilant workers and precision machinery work together to guarantee the most fundamental requirements (100% traceability).To meet regulatory requirements, in particular those of the decree of 28 May 1997 relating to the safety of food products for human consumption, Medifel follows an HACCP process that has been perfectly adapted to its activities. Having mapped out our workflow processes, we analyze the risks at each step, determining the critical points, and documenting preventive measures, monitoring procedures and corrective measures. Finally, staffs receive specific training.

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=> Mrs Francoise Guillen, Director and Co-founder:
"It is therefore through aiming for the highest standards, and paying attention to the day-to-day details, that the company produces its high-quality fruit and vegetables in conformance with the standards that are in force.