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Trading company

MEDIFEL Sarl is a family fruit and vegetable business. Throughout the year we organize the picking, packaging and shipping of fresh produce within the European market.

We have long been established in Provence and benefit from the experience of many generations of farmers. The company is located on a site designed for international trading (Please click on Products list) with a processing plant in Vaucluse.

Medifel, is concerned about the quality of its service as well as the quality of its produce and is reputed for its experience in three major business areas: production, packaging and marketing.

Our production site

Located in the heart of the valleys of Vaucluse, in a ‘land of plenty’ rich in history, bathed in sunshine and brimming with water sources, our farm grows apples, pears and fresh sweet corn.

50 hectares of orchards, 2550 tonnes of apples and pears and a storage capacity of 1500 T, of which 280 T. are air-conditioned.

30 hectares of sweetcorn yielding approximately 800 000 cobs each season.