Quality requirements
Quality in production:
• Adherence to Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) specification : application of agricultural principles that guarantee food safety and respect for the environment (minimising chemicals by using biological solutions.
• Management of orchards according to modern production techniques that favour the taste and appearance of fruits : MAFCOT, sprinklers, lighting, control of irrigation by tensiometer and anti-hail nets.
• Launching of the harvest at optimal maturity thanks to analysis of maturity index (Lugol test), refract metric index (sugar level), levels of firmness, acidity and fuit colouration.=> Management of production activity by two directors of cultivation and additional support from an independent technician specialising in arboriculture.

Processing quality:
• Systematic control of the quality of batches entering and leaving cold storage: the characteristics of each bach are recorded on a batch identity file.
• Calibration completely automated on a water circuit to avoid collisions between fruits.
• Followed by a hygiene quality process (HACCP procedures).
• Manual packaging of fruits.

Food safety:
• Adherence to IFP specifications, tailored to our clients to gurantee food safety and respect for the environment.
• Multi-residue audit of fuits once a year for all batches.
• Recording of cultivation operations and product traceability from the packaging.